In 2015  Wotherspoon received the Best Guitarist Award at the International Blues Challenge and the band placed 2nd in the finals. Since the competition, they have been playing festivals and venues around the country. 

​Blue's at it's Best!  


​​​​ Claim to fame: Since 1985 has performed over five thousand concerts to a variety of audiences in Central Ohio and throughout the world. Is an active community servant and official ambassador of Columbus, Ohio  

Performs New Orleans Blues the way it was meant to be played. 

2017 Galena Summerfest Bands

​TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!!                                 (this is last years bands) 

Opening our Galena Summerest this year will be local singer Tammy Knight.  She will sing our National Anthem and make your heart proud with a melody of Patriotic Songs including                          God Bless the USA!  Tamela Knight is the NACMAI “2016 Female Vocalist of the Year” and the “2016 Most Promising Female Entertainer of the Year.”

Appearing with Samantha Gibb will be Chase the Jaguar.  The album cover to the self-titled debut EP by Miami-based Chase the Jaguar perfectly captures the duality that an urban city set in paradise frequently offers:  

​Samantha Gibb understands the power of song.  She has lived every day of her life surrounded by music.

The 32 year-old singer-songwriter and bandleader shares, “I learned music from my father.“ Maurice Gibb.


 Fox Valley Harvest has roots that run as deep as the Appalachian hillside of the Ohio valley that these gents call home. Americana songwriting and rich vocal harmonies weave a musical tapestry as relevant today as in times