Summerfest 2022 Cancelled

The Greater Galena Civic Association (GGCA) has cancelled Summerfest 2022. According to Summerfest Chairperson Jeanna Burrell, “The current political environment in the Village of Galena made it impossible for us to continue in that location.” Summerfest began in 2009 as the Village’s bicentennial celebration. “The Village asked the GGCA to organize this event from the beginning and we had a great partnership with the Village for a decade. The mayor, council, staff, and the local businesses were always very supportive. Unfortunately that has changed. We had to repeatedly defend Summerfest last year just to make it a reality.” 


GGCA President Nancy Murphy added, “Since coming into office, we’ve  had nothing but pushback from Mayor Love and she invited another organization to take over our event. She publicly insinuated there were financial and legal issues but could offer no evidence. There were no issues at all with the GGCA. I attended a Council meeting in June 2021 to address her questions and she would not let me talk. The same occurred in July when Jeanna attempted to answer questions about Summerfest. Just watch the meeting tapes.”


Summerfest 2021 was very successful. Burrell said, “Summerfest is a day to celebrate our community and we have always had nothing but praise from patrons, sponsors, volunteers, and vendors! Unfortunately, village officials now give us nothing but negativity and disrespect.”


Murphy added, “We can’t thank our sponsors, vendors, entertainers, and volunteers enough for more than a decade of great festivals. The GGCA has worked hard over the years to celebrate and support our quaint village. We are now the latest casualty after committees, staff members, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and most prior Council members have been purged.”

The Greater Galena Civic Association (GGCA) has sponsored Summerfest since its inception in 2009 as the Village of Galena's Bicentennial celebration. The GGCA is a 501c4 non-profit organization. Our goal is to celebrate the Greater Galena area. We hope you'll join us in making our community better!