Location & Parking

The Galena Summerfest is located on the quaint square in the Village of Galena in Central Ohio.

Convenient parking is offered at various locations surrounding the Galena Square and is offered for a donation of your choice to local Boy Scouts who manage the parking areas.

Event Parking & Free Shuttle

 Extra parking, plus a free shuttle back and forth to the event, is available at the Galena United Methodist Church, 2777 Sunbury Road, from 11 AM to 11 PM.

The main roads leading into the square will be closed for the event. So that traffic moves smoothly, please park only in designated parking lots. Others may be towed at the owner's expense.

Greater Galena Civic Association 

P.O. Box 154 

Galena, OH 43021

email:  GalenaSummerfest@gmail.com

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The vendor coordinator and or vendor committee reserve the sole right and exclusive right to suspend, cancel, reject or refuse to accept, without reason, any contract at any time. Any vendor, whose contract has been cancelled, agrees to remove all of his/her personal property, personnel, etc., and vacate the festival ground immediately and post haste.